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This is an important notice to all Postgraduate Students for registration into Academic Session.

    For returning students only

  • Submit part A of Annual Progress Form online
  • Submit printed copy to the Department/School for clearance
  • Thereafter SPGS will enable you to register as appropriate.
  • You will then be able generate payment invoice for payment of school fees and proceed with registration for the session

    General Instruction

  1. To proceed with your registration, you must first complete the Biodata Form and attach your digital Passport Photograph (If you have not done that befeore)
  2. After completing the Biodata Form, you will be re-directed to the Pre-course Registration page where you will select your Programme type, Session and Semester you want to register for.
  3. On a successful completion of the Pre-course Registration form, you will be redirected to the Course form.
  4. You are expected to only select the desired Course Code after which the Course Title, Course Unit and Remark will be automatically filled out by the system
  5. If there are no Course Codes preloaded;
    1. Check to confirm that the School, Department, Session and Semester have been correctly filled-out
    2. Refresh your browser to reload all options
    3. If the Courses are still not loaded, then it may mean that the Courses for your department have not been uploaded
    4. You may need to confirm at the Postgraduate School if that is true.
    5. You will also need to check back online later
  6. Please note that you must have Paid and Verified your School Fees before the Registration link will show-up on your menu
All Payments are now through REMITA
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